Friday, July 1, 2011

RISE OF THE MUTANT UNDERGROUND LIMITED EDITION UNCENSORED. This book has a LIMITED print run of only 50 books, so get it while you can. Comes with a poster, signed and numbered.

this is the center cover, this cover folds out into a larger "poster type spread"  for the limited edition, the standard editions will only have this cover...

 page 2 preview. "death to crooked politicians"
page 15 and 16 preview: Bronto and Flare fighting off the "watchdog beholder drones"

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  1. the limited edition includes this with each order - fold out version cover, it is numbered for each copy and is limited to 50 copies being printed, and an 11 by 17 inch poster. to order send $22 via PAYPAL as a "GIFT" to email address, be sure to include your shipping address please.