Thursday, June 16, 2011

please donate a couple dollars so we can print our book! if you donate AT LEAST 5$ you get a copy!

our kickstarter will only fund our zombie sketchbook if we come up with $1000 dollars. so far we have $215- let's see if we can get to that goal in 19 days! because if we don't, we don't get anything. please help us as we have many cool artists on board giving their best undead pages. and if you are an artist - we still have a few pages to fill. This book is more of a showcase of many great artists that need to get the exposure they deserve. so please help us by ordering (donating) a copy thru kickstarter. below is just a couple submissions to give you a general "feel" to what the book will include. it is being released thru DEAF MUTE PRESS.

zombie poster by Mark Lone
zombie poster by Stefano Cardoselli of HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE.


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