Tuesday, November 20, 2012

holiday specials!

hey guys, I want to extend some special holiday deals out to you to show my appreciation for all your support. I have some artwork I got printed for display for artshows (not mass produced, one of a kind stuff) some original hand brush inked artwork, and some silkscreens with some price reductions. I have a lot of stuff just sitting right now taking up room that needs a good home, so if you think artwork would be a good christmas gift for a friend/relative, or want to get a few things, I will give you a bundle deal and a break off what I would regularly charge, pretty much charging "cost" of printing... so if you would like something, please don't hesitate to email me at garybusy@hotmail.com
(I'm not currently taking commissions at this point due to a large amount of work I have yet to finish, sorry)

here's a list of what I have...
5 color glow in the dark silkscreen
artist proof comes with a free surprise bonus print also game of thrones inspired.

plus a free surprise 11X17 printed on "shimmering ice crystal paper"

6 color GLOW IN THE DARK zombie screenprint
artist proof - signed/numbered

3 color screenprint
limited printing-signed/numbered

digital printed on "shimmering ice crystal paper"

I have a VERY LARGE 24 X 32 inch wall poster I had made for display at art shows of this yoda. one of a kind.

"who ya gonna call?"
I have ONE of these left that I use for display purposes, for the right price I might be willing to let it go to a good home. but it will be difficult for me to do! :)
signed and numbered/metallic inks 5 color screenprint, 18X24 inches.

I also have a few more original inked black and white pieces I am willing to let go...
I generally ask between $100 - $200 for each original piece, just let me know which one(s) you are interested in and I am willing to bundle the price if you want more than one.
Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays!
-Mark Lone

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


12 x 24 inch screenprint 
5 color with glow in the dark blue on the eyes and weapons
with a portion of the proceeds going to charity

The Gang Is All Here

Friday November 9th - Friday November 30th, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday November 9th from 7pm to 10pm 

Online Sales Begin Saturday November 10th at 12 noon est

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

new silkscreen "you got red on you" 10/05/12

hey guys and gals!
two cool things going on this weekend...
first, I have some new artwork being released through the bottleneck gallery for the opening reception of the "can't beat em, join em: the zombie show" this friday. My new silkscreen will be available only to folks who stop into the gallery for the opening this friday the 5th, then it will be available online via the http://www.bottleneckgallery.com/
(the store page will come available this saturday, oct 6th at noon eastern time)

6 color/glow in the dark
18 X 24 inch screenprint
50 print limited edition available thru the bottleneck gallery
with some of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross
*I will also have 10 signed artist proofs available sometime early next week after the show...


  1. I will be having my artwork (including the wildlife series) on display and for sale this saturday at the new Mulligan's North on the corner of Faske rd and hwy 27 from 10am - 6pm, free to the public to attend. please stop out and buy a shirt or a poster print! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just in case anybody is wondering where and when I will be appearing with new artwork as far as shows/conventions ect. here's an update as to what's up with me for the next few months.

BOTTLENECK GALLERY 60 Broadway R4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
the Bottleneck with be displaying my work based on "pay cable" hbo characters sept 7th - sept 28th with proceeds going to the Micheal J. Fox foundation

5 color screenprint, limited printing of 50 for the standard edition thru the bottleneck gallery.
12inch X 24inch screenprint
out of stock...

EAU CLAIRE COMIC CON at action city in eau claire, WI SEPT. 8th
I will be a guest creator once again at this super fun one day con! I will also be doing live on site commission sketches so if you would like something drawn to pick up at the con, please email before hand - garybusy@hotmail.com

OBSCURITAS 2012 DARK ART SHOW, Saturday sept.29th, eau claire wisconsin

I also ended up picking up a dayjob at a local screenprinting shop located in fall creek, wisconsin! here's a few of the shirt designs I've done for them so far. If you would like a shirt, please stop in and visit us at THE SHIRT SHACK/EAU CLAIRE SPECIALTIES and we will get you fixed up. We have a TON of fall creek crickets, augusta beaver apparrel as well as a few other designs I've done.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I need to get rid of some of these to pay my printer for some projects that are being held up due to lack of funds. If you see more than one that you would like, we can work out a bundle price.
contact Mark at garybusy@hotmail.com