Saturday, November 19, 2011

twisted words of mine...

So I have to apologize to the proper audience for my words being twisted and misquoted in a recent interview I did for a local magazine. Certain things were taken out of context and certain things were just plain made up. Next time I do an interview, I will definately be watching what I say and make sure the reporter is RECORDING the conversation. I would like to address the statement mentioned in this misleading article about how I apparently said this about marvel comics - "You've got to do exactly what they want", "for the guys who work for them that I talk to, it doesn't even sound like fun, you have to trace everything"
this is NOT what I said! I said I have been using the lightbox to bring MY work to the next level, and it has WORKED. not that anyone from marvel was a tracer, I explained in detail about how a fellow comic artist was giving me pointers and said to use the lightbox to better improve my style and textures and such. this was taken waaay out of context.
Also not true is THIS statement: "He's had offers to publish his book Rise of the mutant underground through big name comic companies such as Dark horse and Zenescope." what I really said there was, I have been discussing art tips and getting direction from a select few professional artists who have been published through dark horse and zenescope. PRETTY BIG MIX UP THERE... so I apologize to anybody who read the article and was like "whoah, this guy is really overstepping his boundaries" anyway, it's got to be one of the two, either someone has a grudge against me, or somebody truly half assed writing an interview. At any rate, I sincerely hope this does not do damage to my comic career or alienate anybody I have been in contact with...
and here is something recent I have been working on since all my posts have at least one cool picture! enjoy and if you have any questions about the recent article I will not mention because I was misquoted so badly, I want no part of it- you can email me -

pencils and inks on A4 size paper by Mark Lone, commission for Ryan Ballard for his father's 
birthday present, he is a HUGE "preacher" fan and Ryan is making a collected book of different 
artists doing their renditions of the characters.

pencils and inks by Mark Lone
unknown colorist (GREAT JOB WHOEVER YOU ARE!)