Sunday, March 25, 2012


as some of you might know, I have had the pleasure of working with horror writer Jay Franklin in the past with publisher DEAF MUTE PRESS on a couple books, well, now we are doing a new book with famed heavy metal magazine artist Stefano Cardoselli, which whom Kevin Eastman says "draws his ass off"... but if that weren't good enough for ya, our new project/pitch is a tribute to all our favorite B horror movies, involving evil hot sauce/monster trucking/zombie killin'/sheepf&^(in'/and the texas state fair! any way, we are trying to get funding for the book thru kickstarter and are paying for most of the printing and shipping out of our own pockets, we have raised a bit of $ for the project but the more we make the more books we can make, and there are some good incentives for donating too: original inks/artwork signed from the book, and a chance to be drawn into the comic as one of the zombies! The three of us are REALLY excited to make the book and want to get this out to as many people as humanly possible, so please spread the word and drop in to our kickstarter and say hello at least?

 And here's a video interview I did about the project, with credit to Stefano and Jay.

story by Jay Franklin
pencils by Stefano Cardoselli
inks/colors and lettering by Mark Lone
here's Ritchey the half brained drunk redneck...