Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just in case anybody is wondering where and when I will be appearing with new artwork as far as shows/conventions ect. here's an update as to what's up with me for the next few months.

BOTTLENECK GALLERY 60 Broadway R4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
the Bottleneck with be displaying my work based on "pay cable" hbo characters sept 7th - sept 28th with proceeds going to the Micheal J. Fox foundation

5 color screenprint, limited printing of 50 for the standard edition thru the bottleneck gallery.
12inch X 24inch screenprint
out of stock...

EAU CLAIRE COMIC CON at action city in eau claire, WI SEPT. 8th
I will be a guest creator once again at this super fun one day con! I will also be doing live on site commission sketches so if you would like something drawn to pick up at the con, please email before hand -

OBSCURITAS 2012 DARK ART SHOW, Saturday sept.29th, eau claire wisconsin

I also ended up picking up a dayjob at a local screenprinting shop located in fall creek, wisconsin! here's a few of the shirt designs I've done for them so far. If you would like a shirt, please stop in and visit us at THE SHIRT SHACK/EAU CLAIRE SPECIALTIES and we will get you fixed up. We have a TON of fall creek crickets, augusta beaver apparrel as well as a few other designs I've done.