Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am looking for ART SHOWS in or around the wisconsin area... Please let me know if you have any information on local art shows in wisconsin.

volume one magazine just wrote up a nice little article on me and my work process.check it out here:
Below pictured is "Julie" from the image comics series "the maxx" I drew up as a commissioned piece I worked on this week. the original has wolverine in the backround too. 

Here's another link to a comic that I am going to send out to comic publishers to see if there is any projects out there. This one's called "the ride", based on a true story. pretty sad actually.

"FAIRY" design I did for my cousin's ladyfriend Kristina. Hope we can find an artist who is really good with fine line detail. I've had some bad transition-to-tattoo from my linework done and I am still waiting to see how fine the detailing with a tat, gun can get. Hope they can get this one right who-ever takes the challenge.
This is a colored frame straight from my self published comic magazine "the rise of the mutant underground" issue number 3 (is in the final stages of lettering and cover design).Be on the lookout for this one in a month or so...
 Above pictured is a character sketch of  local shopowner Buddha. This will be used in one of the panels of the comic sequence advertisement I am doing for their hookah shop. This comic also features Paul Styer riding a vicious velociraptor .
 Kate and I at "banbury art crawl" selling copies of "rise of the mutant underground", or trying to anyway! haha.
Picture of me at my study taken by volume one magazine here in eau-claire. If you look real hard you can spot my vintage mellenium falcon and at-ats in the backround.

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